I think it’s safe to say that over  the years business owners have all agreed on one thing. Online reviews are a tainted love.

Nothing is more powerful than giving consumers the ability to peck away at a keyboard and allow them to freely say whatever crosses their mind about your business.

See the thing is, when a customer is happy with an experience, the’ll likely leave your place of business, or get off the phone with you, feel a sigh of relief, and then life just….happens….

We forget, we get interrupted, kids call and say something is wrong, wife calls and we just flow along in the fast pace of life. Forgetting all about the great experience they just had at your business.  Best case, they tell a friend about you and you land a free referral.

With the fast pace of today’s tech filled society we just forget to review.

On the other hand..when someone has a BAD experience…now this….is why our love for reviews is so tainted. Google allows ANYONE to get on their iPhone, and say pretty well near anything about a business with no need of evidence. These Google reviews can not be removed, period.

This can be a disastrous situation for a small business who relies so heavily on reputation.

​How to get Online Reviews

How you can easily get consistent and predictable online reviews in less than 3 seconds.

According to a recently published Google survey, which included responses from 1,046 average shoppers in the US, 90% of customers who recalled reading online reviews claimed that positive reviews heavily influenced their decision to buy. On the flipside, 86% said that negative reviews had also influenced buying decisions.

The survey also found that while negative reviews are most commonly found on popular review sites, positive reviews are most frequently seen on social media—with 44% coming from Facebook.

Bottom Line: If you own a small business, you’re probably already aware that online reviews play an important role in how customers are finding your business online.

Today more than ever, consumers want to know they can trust businesses to provide a positive experience before deciding to make a purchase, sign up for a service, or even visit your place of business.

As a business owner, the best thing you can do to get the most out of online reviews is to encourage the people who know you best to share their feedback. While it can be intimidating to ask, the reviews and recommendations from your best customers can have a major impact on your business.