Looking to hire Traverse City Web Design Companies?

I have put together a list of very important questions you absolutely need answers to before hiring any of them. Let’s get started.

How is their service priced?

You’re investing in a professional service where a team is supposed to plan and execute a specific set of tasks based on your businesses goals.

  • What is the name of the team member that will be working directly with you and what are his or her qualifications?
  • How much time will they be personally spending on your project, or the supervision of your project?
  • Do they provide a flat cost for the specific project? Does it align with your company goals?
  • Is there a clear procedure for billing extra features outside of the default project scope? Many traverse city web design companies will charge hourly; what is their hourly rate?


What does their track record look like?

Rather than asking “how much will this cost me” – you should be asking “are you reliable”. Your concern should not be with the price of the project, but more importantly if the company will be able to deliver you results in a timely fashion. And most importantly – will you see a positive return on your investment.

  • What types of clients have they worked with in the past?
  • What results have they been able to deliver to said clients?
  • Can they prove these results?
  • How long is their average client retention time? Are they working with these people months or years later?


How are they tracking results?

Your website is the central hub for all of your marketing. All traverse city web design companies should have a full understanding of how they have increased the market value of past clients.

  • Are they measuring important statistics such as bounce rates, keyword rankings, conversion rates, and overall visits to your website?
  • Do they have proof of these statistic measurements?
  • Do they communicate these statistics with their clients? How often are you going to be updated with new statistics?


What is their core service?

A web designer that is just a web designer is worthless to your business and will not yield you the results you need in order to justify your investment with them. A full service agency with complete understanding of internet marketing, and search marketing will show you far better results.

  • Do they have the ability to provide a full service system to their clients?
  • Have they had experience with intricate website requiring custom coding and problem solving?
  • Are they capable of developing mobile application solutions that align with your branding goals?
  • Do they have search marketing expertise (SEO) with a proven record of increasing search positions?


What are their qualifications?

You need to feel comfortable that the company you’re hiring is a reputable provider in the industry.

  • Are their key players speaking at events, publishing informative content, and recognized in their department?
  • What does their reputation look like online?


What does their company look like as a whole?

Before you hire Traverse City web design companies, you need to know how they operate on a day to day basis.

  • Do they have web programmers, copywriters, graphic designers, marketing specialists? Or do they rely on external outsourcing for these tasks?
  • When you’re speaking to them – what “vibe” do you get from them? Do they sound like they are confident in themselves and well educated?
  • Do they sound knowledgeable enough that you would trust your entire online business presence with? What does your gut tell you?


How do they execute?

Sure they might be able to talk the talk – but can they walk the walk? Traverse city web design companies should specifically outline each objective within the project and how they plan on completing it.

  • Are they planning the development of your new website around your personal business goals?
  • Is their coding work is in accordance to industry standards?
  • Do you have full rights and outright own the work they’re completing or are there other fees associated?


How big is the company?

Size definitely matters here – If they’re a very small company, or perhaps a one man show, chances are that your going to run into problems with production times. If they are a very large company; unless you’re paying top dollar, your project will likely get shuffled to the bottom of the priority list under those high ticket clients. These traverse city web design companies are almost always capped at their production level and again – you’ll have timeline issues.

  • What is their system for project planning and how do they delegate tasks for completion?
  • Do they have a single person who will be in charge of your project and will you have direct contact with this person at all times? How easy are they to reach?
  • Do you feel that the company will be able to handle your future needs as you grow? Or will they run off on you after the project is complete? (this happens A LOT)


How will your project be staffed?

It takes team to build a house – the same applies with websites. One person can not effectively complete a project from A-Z. This team should be working under a manager who overlooks the entire project and communicates any updates and problems with you. Projects need a lot of guidance to ensure a timely turnaround.

  • How many team members will be on your project at once?
  • Is there a project manager? Can you contact them easily? How often do they respond?
  • Do they have the capability of leading a project without a lot of input from you? Do they heavily rely on you to keep the project moving along?


Who owns the company? Is the company as a whole financially stable?

The last thing you want to do is hire a moonlighting individual that will be here today and gone tomorrow. Once your project is complete you will want this company to be around a while to maintain your website and online presence. A businesses worst nightmare is to have their “web guy” disappear into thin air with all of their website files, images, and domain.

  • Who owns the company? Do they have public social profiles you can check out?
  • What motivates their team to put you as a client in front of their personal business goals? (their main goal SHOULD be….YOU)
  • What is the overall strength of the company? How long can they last right now if suddenly they stopped getting new business? A couple weeks? Couple months? Couple years?


These are some key questions that I have developed over the years from my clients and their experiences with other web design companies In Traverse City. Many of you will already understand the nightmare it can be if you choose the wrong company to handle your website and online marketing. And how scary it can be when you make the wrong decision because you didn’t know. If you ask these questions – I assure you that you will be able to effectively filter out the studs from the duds.


If you’re experiencing issues with Traverse City Web Design Companies or are interested in a quick conversation about what we can do to grow your online presence. I would love to talk to you on the phone. You can call me direct at (231) 944-2112 or schedule a call with the form below.