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If you landed on this page, there’s a good chance you did a Google search for “Grand Rapids Web Design”. You found Blue Peak Web because we practice what we preach.

Your website is the most valuable online asset your business possesses.

We’re helping businesses across Michigan turn more website visitors into sales.


In-House Web Design & SEO Agency

We’re a real team that provide real results to businesses with a knack for superior communication.

Weekly reports, proactive correspondence and an aggressive approach to raise your results in the search engines are a few of the things our customers say they enjoy the most. 


Conversion Focused Website Design

From responsive mobile design, to the sleek booking and live chat. Our websites are built to turn visitors into customers. 

We ensure that we make it as simple as possible for your customers to contact you on your website. 

We build a 98/100 page speed website built for conversions. With a speedy design, they load quickly on mobile devices. 

Over half of your customers are using their smartphones or another mobile device – your website must not only be compatible, but also run slick as silk on a smartphone. 


Detailed Reporting

Our customers enjoy in-depth reports generated each week. 

Our transparent reporting system shows where your visitors came from, what they looked at on your website and the reason they contacted you. 

This reporting can be utilized in the future for important marketing planning and decisions. 


Our Services

Google must be able to find you before sending customers. We help businesses increase search engine positioning.

Local Business? This is for you. Outrank your competition in the local map pack to get more customers calling you and stopping by.

We build websites with one objective. Convert visitors into paying customers. Your website should be your single most valuable online asset.

Our graphic designers are insanely talented. We have worked with many major brands and designed thousands of graphics for customers.

Setting up a quality Ad campaign is the difference between a huge influx of customers, or flushing your money down the toilet. Even Google recommends hiring professionals. 

Our state of the art systems offer advanced, pro-active reporting to every client on a weekly basis. Easily track your return on investment.

Propelling Grand Rapids Forward

Grand Rapids is the second-largest city in Michigan and the largest city in West Michigan.

Located on the Grand River about 30 miles east of Lake Michigan, Grand Rapids is well known for the art, music, beer and food.

Looking around the city, you’ll notice an abundance of public art outside. There are an additional 3 large art museums as well as other family-friendly exhibits.

A historic furniture-manufacturing center, Grand Rapids is home to five of the world’s leading office furniture companies, and is nicknamed “Furniture City”.

Being a web design company in Grand Rapids Michigan, we understand the importance of having a strong presence online.

Working with many leaders in the Grand Rapids Business community, we know how  important it is for businesses to have their marketing in Grand Rapids, Michigan and the surrounding areas spot on.



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Our website was less than stellar and extremely outdated. I was referred to Mitch and finally got around to calling him. I'm glad I did. We are now bidding on higher quality jobs and I have had to hire help due to increase in call volume. 

I don't know how they do it, but it's working. Excellent communicators as well.

Tom Hofman

Owner, J&M Landscaping, LLC

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