10 Steps You Need To Know About Marketing Your Business During The Coronavirus It’s astounding how much information is floating around regarding COVID-19; how to suppress it, social distancing, what to do if you get the virus, political talk and so much more. It’s inevitably is causing substantial amounts of stress on many small business owners. The uncertainty alone can drive you crazy. How will bills be paid? How long will this last? If this
It’s being talked about everywhere and unfortunately this is only the beginning. As a result of COVID-19 there are many things rapidly changing and businesses will need to adjust in order to survive these uncertain times ahead. The last few days there have been many questions regarding supplies, jobs, and quarantine. One topic that keeps surfacing is how the small businesses are going to handle being closed down so unexpectedly.  Larger organizations have the cash
In 2013 a friend of mine approached me with the idea of establishing a smartphone repair center where he would offer mobile repair and pre-owned retail phones.  Fast forward a few months and he had managed to secure a decent lease in a local shop/office space in Atlanta. An extremely dense, competitive market.  One of the main obstacles of being the little guy in town with this business model, was that the larger franchise’s in
Some read reviews posted about their business, and some don’t. If you’re the latter you should reconsider your choice. More and more consumers are leaning on reviews when making their purchasing decisions now. With a recent study by Bright Local showing that 86% of consumers read reviews before visiting a local business.  With that being said, weather you’re reading these reviews or not – your customers are. It’s important to know that you won’t please
I think it’s safe to say that over  the years business owners have all agreed on one thing. Online reviews are a tainted love. Nothing is more powerful than giving consumers the ability to peck away at a keyboard and allow them to freely say whatever crosses their mind about your business. See the thing is, when a customer is happy with an experience, the’ll likely leave your place of business, or get off the
As I know you all already know – it’s a dog eat dog world out there these days. Especially in the contracting world. So starting a contracting company can be a scary thing!    With so many fly by night “contractors” trying to make a quick buck – Price gouging is happening more than ever right now.   This can be very frustrating; and even drive good businesses out of operation. It’s sad but true.