About Blue Peak Web

“I take great pride in my businesses. Blue Peak was built on a foundation of high integrity, respect, and hard work. No matter what your circumstance, we strive to provide you with the highest level of service”

– Mitch Howard 


Our Story

Mitch Howard founded Blue Peak Web in 2008 with a passion to help others create passive, sustainable processes that drive sales. 

With a background heavily influenced by design, his early projects entailed developing a strong, respectable brand online through utilization of modern design. 

As the internet became a larger source of leads for small businesses, Mitch saw massive opportunity for his current clients and began to curate powerful marketing campaigns with promising ROI. As the years went on, Blue Peak grew to become a nationally recognized agency helping small businesses of all walks of life. 

Today, we service more than 200 clients nation-wide. We still honor Mitch’s “No Contracts” policy. Our quality of work keeps clients happy and we haven’t looked back since.  

Our Mission & Vision


To spread the power of optimism


To implement sustainable programs that improve sales for businesses now and for future generations.


Our Experts 

Amanda Williams

Search Marketing specialist 


John Reed

Pro web designer & coder 


The Blue Peak Difference

we rank #1

Just go search for yourself. We practice what we preach. We consistently rank #1

Everything In House

We're not outsourcing. All client work is handled in house. We take pride in integrity and quality

positive roi campaigns

We understand ROI is important. Increased sales provide positive returns for our clients

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